Welcome to GreenBerg Resorts

Green Berg Resorts unveils a whole new appreciation of the soul stirring enchantment of nature. You will, for a time become a part of nature, and your rejuvenation will be complete. With a distinctive identity derived from its role as a natural haven, there is ‘everything’ to experience at Green Berg Resorts.

Special Packages

Adventure Unlimited

Wilderness treks, camping on the mountain top, night safaris, River crossing, trekking up the course...

Family Fun

Green Berg Resorts is the perfect base for a holiday with your family or a quick break from the humdrum...

Lover’s Paradise

A quiet, peaceful and echo friendly berg where you can share your heart with your Love...



Ayurveda provides an integrated approach to preventing and treating illness through lifestyle interventions and natural therapies.  more....

Outdoor Action

River Crossing

Guaranteed adventure galore and yet safety assured. Glide across the water and enjoy the thrill of a real river crossing experience.


A paved promenade overlooking endless vistas of undulating mountains and the deep valley housing the Idukki Power House. Fenced in for your protection, paved