Outdoor Action

There is plenty to see and experience while at Green Berg. Draw closer to Nature and her unselfish bounties. Enjoy the great outdoors, experience the feel of the sun, fresh air and open, unconfined surroundings while indulging in a variety of outdoor sporting fun at Green Berg Resorts.

River Crossing

Guaranteed adventure galore and yet safety assured. Glide across the water and enjoy the thrill of a real river crossing experience.


Hike up the mountains and pitch a tent in the wilderness. With the grass beneath you and the blue skies above, let the silence envelop you as you become one with nature.


A paved promenade overlooking endless vistas of undulating mountains and the deep valley housing the Idukki Power House. Fenced in for your protection, paved for your convenience, enjoy the luxury of waling or cycling on the very edge of the mountain top.


Untamed wilderness….government “jhandas” at regular intervals….sheer rock faces and drops…steep climbs across craggy terrain….elephant trails….wild boar droppings….shrill bird calls….clouds so close you can almost touch them…trek your way through this natural paradise.

Jeep Safari

Available on request, take a jeep safari through the thick vegetation of the forests. For the more adventurous, you can choose the option of a night safari. Thrills and chills unlimited.


A water reservoir at the deepest end of the Green Berg valley. Here’s where you can enjoy the serenity and peace of a quiet boating expedition across the still waters of the lake.

Plantation Tour

Medicinal trees, laden fruit trees, lovingly tended fruit orchards, organic vegetable patches, wildflowers flourishing in abundance, pretty paddy fields; plantations of tea, coffee, cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg and every other spice you can think of; at Green Berg, you can experience first hand, all the aspects of a real plantation experience. What’s more, come harvest time, you can pitch right in to help in the harvesting, if you so wish.

Plant a Tree

Make your holiday a truly meaningful one. Plant a tree at Green Berg and return the pleasure that nature has so freely given you. Leave your mark behind for posterity. We promise to take care of your tree and nurture it to grow and flourish. With your name board to identify it, you are always welcome to come back and see how your tree is doing.


Sit still, take a leisurely stroll, relax in the sun, whatever you do, keep your ears peeled to hear the music of the chirping birds. There’s music in the air. All you have to do….is listen.


An evening spent in the cool climes of the outdoors, warmed by the flickering heat of the campfire, don’t miss out on this truly enchanting experience. Groove to the rhythm of the music or better still soak in the flavour of an evening in the outdoors with nothing but nature for company.

Visits to nearby tourist spots

We’d be happy to organize day trips for you to nearby tourist attractions like Asia’s first arch dam, Idukki Arch Dam, Thommankuthu Waterfalls, Kulamavu Dam, Echo point, Calvary Mount, Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary and an exciting boating expedition down the Idukki reservoir waters. Of course, all this will all be possible if the weather permits.

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