The Resort

1. Location

Located in the Western Ghats at the district of Idukki, in Kerala, India, Green Berg Resorts is a green paradise with green hills, windy meadows, lush green trees, and beautiful lakes. The mountain ranges of Idukki are renowned for its treasure of spices. At Greenberg, you can experience the beauty of plantations & meadows. We have tried to conserve the nature and practice organic farming and echo friendly sustainable developments. Greenberg has nine water bodies, - all of them rainwater harvesting and ground water re-charging systems which help raise the ground water level.

2. Getting There

Greenberg is a mere 35 kms from the town of Thodupuzha. An easy drive of 2.5 hrs from the city of Cochin, with helpful sign boards to guide you all along the way and excellent roads, you won’t need to stop to ask for directions. Getting to Green Berg Resorts is as easy as pie !!! And with as few as just 4 landmarks to look out for, there’s no way you will miss the turning to the Resort. What’s more, the roads are good and the drive is as relaxed as your holiday promises to be.

Helpful Driving Landmarks

From Cochin come to Muvattupuzha – Thodupuzha
Take the road from Thodupuzha towards Idukki
Take a left at Ashoka Junction, 2 kms before Moolamattom
12 hair pin bends -
1.5 kms after Nadukani Pavillion


28 kms from Idukki
35 kms from Thodupuzha
80 kms from Thekkady
85 kms from Cochin International Airport
85 kms from Alwaye (nearest Railway stn)
95 kms from Munnar
95 kms from Ernakulam
110 kms from Kumarakom

Nestled in the warm embrace of a still valley, each individual cottage at Green Berg is a cosy and private arbor of comfort and luxury. With the dark woods and misty mountains adding their own unique touch to the surrounding ambience, the 33 ethnic cottages at Green Berg have been designed to make the smallest possible environmental footprint, yet offer an exceptional living experience. Inclusive of all amenities, Green Berg Resorts combine modern comforts with a delightful aura of natural enchantment.

3. Dining

With elegant style, Green Berg Resorts prides itself on offering guests a truly intimate dining experience. Sample our gourmet cuisine at the Kodumudi restaurant and Kodumdi Cafe where everything on the menu is prepared fresh using several ingredients from our farm itself. Enjoy an appetizing choice of Chinese, Continental or Authentic Kerala cuisine and a warm and mellow ambience to complement your fine dining experience amidst the clouds.

4. Ayurveda

Ayurveda provides an integrated approach to preventing and treating illness through lifestyle interventions and natural therapies. It is based on the view that the elements, forces, and principles that comprise all of nature - are also seen in human beings. It’s practices link us to every aspect of ourselves and remind us that we are in union with nature, each other, and the entire universe. At Green Berg we offer various rejuvenation packages 900-950 metres above mean sea level ensuring better care and effective results. The altitude, greenery and the clean air add to the therapeutic effect of our practice and tradition of Ayurveda.

5. Corporate Social Responsibility

At Green Berg, we have adopted Responsible Tourism as our Corporate Social Responsibility. We take our responsibility to the environment and to the people around us very seriously. Which is why, we ensure that every enterprise we undertake assures employment to the locals. We offer education to the locals to teach them about more viable farming practices and empower them to engage in high value farming activities in order to augment their incomes. In addition, our eco friendly practices, waste management through vermicompost and re-cycling techniques, extensive farming activities, ensure that we do our bit and then some, to contribute towards a greener and cleaner environment. By introducing water harvesting and water management systems, building earth bunds for ground water recharging and planting suitable trees, the eco system has been healed and we have successfully raised the water table in the entire area. What was once a drought prone area has today become a water abundant haven for the entire local population.

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